Just the Way You Are | Édouard Molinaro | 1984
The Forgotten One | Phillip Badger | 1989

This week the Victorville Film Archive is parlaying its magnificent Dreyfussfest with a mini-Kristy McNichols retrospective, in one shes a troubled soul aching for love from John Locke and in the others she’s like a crippled flautist (?) but in both she’s STELLAR!!! Hers was a star that only could have shone in the 80s. And it did friends, it did…

This theater continues to suck. I hate Palmdale. I’m so sad and lonely. Starry eyes, starry eyes forever will be miiiiiine…



Sorry folks! Some serious analytics emergencies at Xerox kept me from filing my Rio Bravado missives, so let’s a-wrangle up some stray viewin’s partners… (yeehaw)


Mr. Destiny | James Orr | 1990

saw this when it came out …uh it’s even shittier?


Monkeybone | Henry Selick | 2001

Selick’s Giant Peach is a gem, knew some folks who worked on this, they were shitheads abut this movie was wonderful!


Tom & Huck | Peter Hewitt | 1995

Yikes, terrible! And JTT is disturbing to look at, like a rubber-y Renee Zellwegger mask or something…? RIP Renfro, a tru bro


The Addiction | Abel Ferrara | 1995

STill good, I think I saw it like last year maybe, a classic. JTT woulda been good in the Renee Zellwegger role.


Mr. Holland’s Opus | Stephen Herek | 1995

Saw this when it came out with my Mormon girlfriend at the time, she wouldnt let me get further than a kiss and this movie is equally disappointing


Once Around | Lasse Hallström | 1991

Always confuse this movie with Home for the Holidays and some Dreyfuss joint where hes a gambler (Let It Ride?). It’s cute but like what a weird movie its just about how this frumpy spinsters new rich hubby disrupts her family but like I kept waiting for him to turn out to be a fraud and then wondered why she was so attached to her family. People are weird to me.


The Competition | Joel Oliansky | 1980

Dreyfuss-fest concludes with this proto-Hollands Opus, but like he never tries to fuck any students or gets called an asshole in sign language. Plus Amy Irving just makes one long for the superior 80s musical, Honeysuckle Rose


Crazy Moon | Allan Eastman | 1987

Hey no joke this is a great movie!


Impromptu | James Lapine | 1991

Also great, but insert your High Grant joke here!


Two Moon Junction | Zalman King | 1988

Maybe the first female nudity I saw? But she looks better as Audrey, oh I miss hpn gotta get back on the internet!!!


Boris and Natasha | Charles Martin Smith | 1992

If ol’ wigwam had his way, Dave Thomas would have never been allowed near a camera lens! This opinion is hereby cosigned by Rio Bravado™

[editorial note: I’m gonna let wigwam’s blasphemin’ ballyhoo about Dave Thomas stand, but he’s got two more strikes, and he’s outta here! That two-timin’ rough-ridin’ rat! ~ mystery meat]

Wigwam Watches: DAD


Dad | Gary David Goldberg | 1989 | USA | 117 min | 2016-09-03 | VHS –> CRT | Chico, Victorville | *REWATCH (STILL DISLIKE)

First Seen: Dad | Gary David Goldberg | 1989 | USA | 117 min | 1989-10-29 | 35MM | North Park, Midland | DISLIKED

Howdy, folks! Wigwam here, reporter at large for Rio Bravado.

Went to this with my dad when it came out. Shit then, shit still.

Maaaaaaan I love these cookies at this place! But that A/C, jeeeeez…

There was some Christian rock band soundchecking before the show, either playing later tonight or tomorrow or both. I dunno, I bailed asap.

See you tomorrow!


mystery meat here. just a little forewarnin’ that Dr. Wam rides a wee bit rougher than some of the other cowpokes in my posse. His choice of image may be a bit hard for some o’ you to handle, but hey, that’s what our line of work is all about!


A Dangerous Woman | Stephen Gyllenhaal | 1993 | USA | 102 min | 2016-09-02 | VHS –> CRT | Chico, Victorville | LOVED

Howdy, folks! Wigwam here, reporter at large for Rio Bravado.

This is an incredible movie about a bunch of great actors doing great acting while pretty photography and soothing sound design encapsulate them. You got your Straithairn, your Gabriel Byrne, Barbara Hershey, the sister from Roseanne, the dad from Lost, Nancy Spungen from Twins, even that guy from The Bob Newhart Show is a blink&you’ll miss him piano player at a party. And they all do wonderfully, especially the main star Debra Winger who is asked to go full art-hard but she demures in favor of perfect pitch. There’s sexy moments, there’s sad moments, THERES CINEMATIC MOMENTS DROPPIN SO FAST YOU CANT EVEN HANDLE IT BRO!!!!!! But what would you expect from the director of the second best episode of Twin Peaks? (Directing an adapted screenplay by the writer/director of Very Good Girls?) Speaking of which, it’s a Gyllenhaal-Foner family joint, Magz and lil Donnie D cameo towards the beginning. It’s cute. Here’s hoping they all reunite to make something spectacular! Or, wait, is he dead? Or am I thinking of Caleb Deschanel? His Twin Peaks were pretty too. RIP Daddy Bones 😞

Anyway, great movie!

Wonderful experience at this theater again. Really love those cookies. The flip-phones kind of have a clicky noise when they close but their screens are so dim it’s an easy trade off. If my dream of cellphones being outlawed like smoking is to take place, then this is the equivalent of a zippo clicking shut or something. Plenty of parking. 5 stars for the theater alone hahah!

See you tomorrow! Happy Labor Day weekend! Oh and everything’s going great at Xerox, we got out early today, and my place in Palmdale is almost unpacked.

Wigwam Watches: FOR LOVE OR MONEY

Wherein mystery meat wires his Bravado publishing privileges over to Dr. Wiggeth Q. Wam himself! (see A Note About Ally-Watching)


For Love or Money | Barry Sonnenfeld | 1993 | USA | 96 min | 2016-09-01 | VHS –> CRT | Chico, Victorville | *REWATCH (STILL DISLIKE)
First Seen: For Love or Money | Barry Sonnenfeld | 1993 | USA | 96 min | 1993-10-02 | 35MM | Midland Park Mall, Midland | DISLIKED

Howdy, folks! Wigwam here, reporter at large for Rio Bravado.

This month I’m hopping over from my new job at Xerox in Palmdale CA to the swank new digs at Victorville Film Archive in Victorville (CA) where they’ve taken over the Chico theater to show some Popcorn Classics!

Tonight they showed For Love or Money, a proto-Clean™ directed by Barry Sonnenfeild in 1993 in between Addams Family installments. Sonnenfeld would later direct a couple real Clean™s I think, Big Trouble, um… some other bullshit.

This is a terrible movie because its screenplay is so formulaic (or just has a proto-formulaic sterility?) and its just all lazy typecasting (the elevator dweeb, jeeeez) BUT its middle fun&games setpiece in the Hamptons house is very agile and witty, has a cool cameo from Isaac Mizrahi and is totes Clean™ and like most of the rest of the movie it utilized Gabrielle Anwar’s beauty effectively (but what is she in that doesn’t?). Oh and because of the hotel and money I guess it’s kinda proto-Comfy Towels too.

But, most importantly, it’s shit. And a popcorn classic.

This theater was so-so. The A/C was too loud but no one had their cellphones out. I think everyone has flip-phones here still. The popcorn was shitty. The little cookies were good though.

See you tomorrow night!