Wigwam Watches: FOR LOVE OR MONEY

Wherein mystery meat wires his Bravado publishing privileges over to Dr. Wiggeth Q. Wam himself! (see A Note About Ally-Watching)


For Love or Money | Barry Sonnenfeld | 1993 | USA | 96 min | 2016-09-01 | VHS –> CRT | Chico, Victorville | *REWATCH (STILL DISLIKE)
First Seen: For Love or Money | Barry Sonnenfeld | 1993 | USA | 96 min | 1993-10-02 | 35MM | Midland Park Mall, Midland | DISLIKED

Howdy, folks! Wigwam here, reporter at large for Rio Bravado.

This month I’m hopping over from my new job at Xerox in Palmdale CA to the swank new digs at Victorville Film Archive in Victorville (CA) where they’ve taken over the Chico theater to show some Popcorn Classics!

Tonight they showed For Love or Money, a proto-Clean™ directed by Barry Sonnenfeild in 1993 in between Addams Family installments. Sonnenfeld would later direct a couple real Clean™s I think, Big Trouble, um… some other bullshit.

This is a terrible movie because its screenplay is so formulaic (or just has a proto-formulaic sterility?) and its just all lazy typecasting (the elevator dweeb, jeeeez) BUT its middle fun&games setpiece in the Hamptons house is very agile and witty, has a cool cameo from Isaac Mizrahi and is totes Clean™ and like most of the rest of the movie it utilized Gabrielle Anwar’s beauty effectively (but what is she in that doesn’t?). Oh and because of the hotel and money I guess it’s kinda proto-Comfy Towels too.

But, most importantly, it’s shit. And a popcorn classic.

This theater was so-so. The A/C was too loud but no one had their cellphones out. I think everyone has flip-phones here still. The popcorn was shitty. The little cookies were good though.

See you tomorrow night!


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