Campfire Singsong: BACKLASH BLUES

From Rejecting Bourgeois Feminism:

One of the most quoted statements made by Hillary Clinton is from the Beijing Conference on Women in 1995, where she remarks that “women’s rights are human rights”, and yet her support of even more muscular foreign policy emphasizes, among other things, a flagrant discrepancy. Humanitarian imperialism, or the use of human rights to sell war and occupation, is a fundamental portion of Clinton’s foreign policy. In March 2015 it was reported that Saudi Arabia would receive nearly $30 billion worth of advanced fighter jets— a sale that was allegedly necessitated and referred to as “a top priority” by Hillary Clinton, personally. To call these actions sanctimonious would be an understatement. Time and time again, Clinton has been at the forefront of the greater US drive for war and intervention, from Iraq to Afghanistan, and beyond. And so, if women’s rights are human rights then why further the military industrial complex, whose greatest victims both during and after periods of war are women? ~Roqayah


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