Campfire Singsong – REPEATER

Welcome to Rio Bravado, pardners! Holster your repeater and come join in a campfire rendition of the great Fugazi tune, Repeater! Hehe!

This here will be a blog devoted to all the things I like from the three springs of cultural nourishment – moving picture shows, type-written tomes of fascinatin’ fiction, and all the soulful music that’s fit to emit from my ever-lovin’ banjo.

Law abidin’ Audiophiles, Bibliophiles, Cinephiles – the ABCs of art critic cretins – can all take a hike! This here is a ghost-town inhabited by reckless renegade writers and oratorical outlaws. And together we will plunder the federal mint that I call academia and spend its cultural credit where it can really count! (…eventually……)

Anyway, I’m getting ahead of myself. I’m turning in. Got a long day ahead of me tomorrow. Yeeeeeeeeeeehaw!


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